Rand Paul- Trump, great friends or loyal enemies?

Donald Trump wants to make America great again. Elected as the 45th president of the United States, the journey for Trump was never easy especially with the kind of competitors he had during elections from Republican Party.  One of those competitors was Rand Paul who is also the senator of Kentucky State.

While there are rumours that Rand is going to play an important part in the scheme of things of Donald Trump, Rand has already given indications that he will be pretty much vocal with what the new president chooses and every action the new president takes. Rand has already chosen his first target that too, the new secretary of state Rex Tillerson. He is against the decision of picking Rex since he knows Rex’s association with Russia, and for his anti fingerprint scanner rhetoric. Rand wants to work with president elected Trump, but he wants to keep the new president on the toes with every decision that involves foreign policy and every promise that was made before 2016 presidential elections.

Rand Paul has always been sensitive when issues related to America’s foreign policy and nothing else can be expected from him even when his own party is in the rule. Rand had also raised issues of injustice and unemployed people. Now, since his own party is in the regime, he will expect president elected to resolve these on priority. Another issue that will be in Rand’s mind will be a flat tax rate of 14.5% for business and individuals.

While Trump has shown to be on a tough stance against terrorism and terrorist state, Rand has been mixed views on the war against terrorism.

Being a senator of a state, which is one of the most debts ridden in the United States, Rand Paul wants policies which could help him in fetching more jobs to his people and also the right kind of budget with which he could improve the condition of his people.

Whatever role Rand gets, it will be pretty much interesting to see if he will be the best friend or a loyal opponent.


Below is an article by the Bowling Green Daily News on Dr. Paul’s campaigning through to the last few days of the election:

Paul has moved further ahead of Conway in the most recent round of polling.

“We feel really good. We think the moment is with us,” Paul said in a telephone interview with the Daily News.

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – In a day-long road trip yesterday, Dr. Rand Paul visited a number of communities in south central Kentucky, rallying supporters and talking with voters.

The first stop was at the George J. Ellis restaurant in Glasgow, where Dr. Paul met with supporters and local officials. Dr. Paul visited with diners enjoying lunch Continue Reading


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – Over the final few days of his campaign for U.S. Senate, Dr. Rand Paul will be doing a blitz of  events, including campaign stops by airplane, radio, and television appearances.

Below is a partial list of his scheduled events for Friday and Monday:

Rand Paul Broadcast Appearances October 29th

7:05 AM – 7:20 AM Radio Interview with Continue Reading


Below is a story from WKYT on Dr. Rand Paul’s visit to the area.

U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul stayed busy on the campaign trail Thursday.

The Republican met with about several dozen supporters Thursday near the Adair County Courthouse in Columbia.

Most of his five minute speech centered on how he thinks President Obama is taking the country Continue Reading


BOWLING GREEN, Ky.- At a news conference today in Lexington, Dr. Rand Paul announced that he would attend the final scheduled debate between he and his opponent Jack Conway, despite the shameful political attack ad released by Conway earlier in the week attacking Paul’s religious beliefs.

Below are Dr. Paul’s remarks:

I continue to be astounded that Jack Conway thinks it is appropriate to attack my pro-life Christian faith and by inference my family.  To date, he has refused to apologize for his abhorrent behavior and that is a shame. Continue Reading


Bus Tour Day Seven:

Rand Paul’s Campaign bus tour made a day of it in Louisville. The bus made its way into town on National Gun Day and stayed for a while at the Kentucky Fair and Expo Center.

While at the gun show, Dr. Paul met and shook hands with the attendees who thanked him for Continue Reading


Below is a report from WPSD-TV Paducah about the recent U.S. Senatorial debate.

PADUCAH – The mics have been checked, the podiums are in place and last minute preparations are under way at the Carson Center.

On Thursday morning, Rand Paul and Jack Conway will take center stage there to debate.

Lynn King will serve as the debate’s moderator and Continue Reading


Bus Tour Day Four:

The day started off at the Paducah Area Chamber debate in the morning where Dr. Paul faced opponent Jack Conway, handily exposing Conway’s wrong positions on the major issues. Dr. Paul pointed out Conway’s distortions and support for Obamacare which cuts half-a-trillion dollars from seniors and raises their deductibles.

The second stop of Continue Reading


Bus Tour Day Three:

The first stop this was in Leitchfield, for breakfast at Farmers Feedmill Restaurant. Dr. Paul was joined by Congressman Brett Guthrie, State Senate President David Williams, along with other local Republican candidates.

The second stop of the day was in Hartford at Cowboy’s restaurant, where Dr. Paul and the group was joined by Continue Reading


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – During today’s U.S. Senatorial debate at the Paducah Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Rand Paul blasted his opponent Jack Conway for supporting President Obama’s national health care plan which contains a provision that increases out-of-pocket costs for  current Medicare recipients. This comes after weeks of Conway’s attempts at distorting Dr. Paul’s views Continue Reading


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – At today’s U.S. Senatorial debate sponsored by the Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce, Jack Conway said essentially that he is in favor of amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Conway first refused to answer whether or not he was in favor the Arizona law that deals with the problems at the border then went on to say that he favors a way to make illegals into citizens. Continue Reading


Below is an article from the Evansville Courier-Press about Rand Paul’s visit to Henderson.

HENDERSON, Ky. — Invoking the name of Ronald Reagan, another conservative leader seeking office during bad economic times, Rand Paul energized an already spirited crowd during a campaign stop Wednesday in downtown Henderson.

“(Reagan) had that optimism and that belief in the people, Continue Reading


Below is an article from isurfhopkins.com about Rand Paul’s visit to the area.

HOPKINS COUNTY, KY—Beginning at 3pm today, October 13th, both Congressman Ed Whitfield and US Senate candidate Dr. Rand Paul spoke at The Country Cupboard restaurant in Madisonville, KY as part of their 8 day “bus tour.”

With approximately 50 people in attendance—including State Senate candidate Continue Reading


BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – During tonight’s U.S. Senatorial debate at Northern Kentucky University, candidate Jack Conway once again repeated his flip-flop on the Bush-era tax cuts by stating that a recession is “not the right time to raise taxes.”

Just when is the “right time” to raise taxes on hard-working Kentuckians Jack?

Jack Conway was for the Bush tax cuts, before he was against them, before he was for them again. Since running for the office, Conway has changed his position on tax cuts several times. So much so, that even his liberal supporters are getting tired of his act. Continue Reading


Below is an article from the Middlesboro Daily News about Dr. Paul’s recent visit to the area.

PINEVILLE — Election day is a little more than a month away and Dr. Rand Paul, Republican candidate for the United States Senate, is on the road greeting people across the state.

This week, Paul has been touring eastern Kentucky, Continue Reading


Below is an article from the Corbin Times-Tribune about Dr. Paul’s recent visit to the area.

CORBIN — By Megan Williamson / Staff Writer

Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul took time Wednesday to talk with Corbin residents and clear up some issues.

Paul, who has been the center of a heated campaign, visited Corbin’s Whayne Continue Reading


Below is an article from the Hazard Herald about Rand Paul’s recent visit to the area.

HAZARD – Rand Paul, the Republican candidate for United States Senate, was in Hazard again this week as part of another eastern Kentucky tour.

Paul traveled to 12 cities throughout the mountains in three days and said he was doing it to find out what the concerns of people living in the mountains really are.

“We come Continue Reading


Below is an article from the Floyd County Times about Rand Paul’s visit to the area.

PRESTONSBURG – Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul made a quick stop in Prestonsburg on Tuesday as the divide between Paul and Democratic candidate Jack Conway continues to close in the polls.

Paul paid a visit to Billy Ray’s Restaurant, where he met with employees, customers and supporters, before dropping by the office of The Floyd Continue Reading


You are cordially invited to attend an event on behalf of Rand Paul for U.S. Senate with special guests; Senator Jim DeMint, U.S. Senator from South Carolina, Congressman Ron Paul, U.S. Congressman representing the 14th District of Texas, and Dr. Rand Paul, Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate Continue Reading


Below is a story from WYMT covering Dr. Paul’s visit yesterday to Manchester, Ky.

Rand Paul stops by Manchester

Election Day 2010 is in only five weeks, and both US Senate candidates are campaigning throughout the state.
Republican Rand Paul is touring eastern Kentucky right now, and spent time with supporters in Clay County Monday afternoon.
“If you want our side to win, get out there and tell your friends and family. Let’s win Clay County,” said Paul.

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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – On Sunday September 19, Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour will be visiting Union, Kentucky to attend a reception honoring Dr. Rand Paul.

Barbour is the two-term Governor of the state of Mississippi and Chairman of the Republican Governor’s Association. He was named Governor of the year in 2006 by Governing Magazine.


Bowling Green, Kentucky – On Thursday September 16, Sarah Palin will be in Kentucky on behalf of Dr. Rand Paul’s campaign for U.S. Senate.

The Rand Paul Victory Kentucky lunchtime fundraising event, where Palin will appear as a special guest, will take place in Louisville at the Crowne Plaza Hotel.

Sarah Palin gave an early endorsement of Paul in the Republican race where he handily triumphed earlier this year.


Bowling Green, Kentucky – On Tuesday, Sept. 14, Dr. Rand Paul will hold a press conference at Thiel Audio Products Company in Lexington, Kentucky.

Thiel Audio is a privately-held audio engineering company that performs research, design, and manufacturing of loudspeakers for music and video sound reproduction in the home. Thiel Audio products are distributed to over Continue Reading


Dr. Rand Paul will be at the Bowling Green Tea Party on Sunday, Sept 12 at the Corvette Museum Convention Hall from 5-7pm Central Time.


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Bowling Green, Kentucky – Dr. Rand Paul will be holding a press conference Friday, September 10, focusing on the negative effects of President Obama’s nationalized health care plan will have on small businesses.

“Obamacare is a disaster for small businesses in Kentucky, and the uncertainty stemming from this legislation is already causing premiums Continue Reading


The Kentucky State Fair is in full swing this week, and Rand Paul has more support in evidence than can be believed. There has been almost constant traffic at the booth for the past week, and thousands of “Rand fans” and bumper stickers have been distributed, along with hundreds of buttons, Continue Reading


Today is our online Money Blast, where supporters are making online contributions by clicking here and donating now. Please consider making a contribution today to help send a true defender of the founding American principles to the United States Senate.

Once elected, Rand Paul will work to control out-of-control federal spending by pushing a Balanced-Budget Amendment; Continue Reading


Monday, May 10th, at 8:00pm ET, Dr. Paul will appear on Kentucky Educational Television for the U.S. Senate Republican primary debate, which will also be available live on C-SPAN 1.


THIS SATURDAY, May 8th, Rand Paul will be joining us for a door-to-door event in Lexington. We will be meeting Republican primary voters and asking them to support Dr. Paul.

We will be meeting at the Wal-Mart parking lot on Richmond Road in Lexington at 10:00 AM to go over some details of Continue Reading


Dr. Paul will attend a meet and greet at Bulldogs Roadhouse at Newport on the Levee. The event starts at 4:00 PM EST and will go until about 5:30 PM at 1 Levee Way, Newport, KY. For directions and more information on the venue, click HERE