Conway Silent on Raising Medicare Deductibles on Seniors

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – During today’s U.S. Senatorial debate at the Paducah Chamber of Commerce, Dr. Rand Paul blasted his opponent Jack Conway for supporting President Obama’s national health care plan which contains a provision that increases out-of-pocket costs for  current Medicare recipients. This comes after weeks of Conway’s attempts at distorting Dr. Paul’s views on the very same issue.

When confronted directly by Dr. Paul on the issue, Conway remained said nothing; he refused to answer the question.

“Conway wants to demagogue this issue, when in fact he supports a law that not only cuts $500 billion from current retirees’ benefits, it also raises their out-of-pocket rates,” said Jesse Benton, Paul’s campaign manager.

“I guess Nancy Pelosi was telling the truth when she said we would find out what’s in the bill after they passed it, who knows what other awful provisions that Conway said he would’ve voted for, are in this thing.”