“Paul energizes rally, invites Obama to visit”

Below is an article from the Evansville Courier-Press about Rand Paul’s visit to Henderson.

HENDERSON, Ky. — Invoking the name of Ronald Reagan, another conservative leader seeking office during bad economic times, Rand Paul energized an already spirited crowd during a campaign stop Wednesday in downtown Henderson.

“(Reagan) had that optimism and that belief in the people, the belief in capitalism and that belief in the marketplace that we can grow out of this,” the Kentucky Republican Senate candidate said, “and America can be great again if we get the government out of the way.”

He took shots at the government bailout of the auto industry and told the group of about 150 supporters that past politicians have squandered budget surpluses.

Paul said he believes President Barack Obama sees the same problems facing them, but his solutions are taking the country in the wrong direction including his environmental policy that would bankrupt the Kentucky coal industry.

“He knows nothing about Kentucky, and he hasn’t been down here since he was president, so we’ve been very nice and bought him a ticket,” Paul told the crowd. “Come on down to Henderson.”

Paul never mentioned Democratic candidate Jack Conway by name, but he challenged him to come up with solutions instead of just saying thing to make himself more popular.

“I don’t think we want ambivalence. Don’t you want somebody who believes in something?” Paul asked.

Paul accused Conway of changing his opinion on issues such as cap-and-trade and tax cuts to get elected. He said his latest campaign ad attacking Paul’s comments that sustaining Medicare would require senior citizens to pay at least a $2,000 deductible, mischaracterized his stance on the issue.

Paul assured the crowd, he would not raise rates for those already or nearly retired, but conceded that more money would be needed from younger generations.

Paul was the last of three speakers during the one-hour stop at Worsham Hall. He was joined by state Senate President David Williams and Kentucky First District Congressman Ed Whitfield.

Principled family

Williams promised the culture of Washington that many in the audience have become disenchanted with, wouldn’t affect Paul. He pointed to the principles of Paul’s father, Ron Paul, a Texas congressman and former presidential candidate, who Williams said was fighting for smaller government before it became fashionable.

“He’s going to go to the United States Senate and tell the leader of the Democratic liberal party in the United States Senate that we’re not going to take it any more,” Williams said.

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