Paul Talks About Obamacare, Cap and Trade, Government Debt, and Job Creation in Western Kentucky

Below is a recap of Rand Paul’s weekend visit to the Western Kentucky area to discuss, among other things, opposing to President Obama’s nationalized health care plan.

Dr. Rand Paul visited McCracken and Ballard Counties this past weekend to talk with voters and small business owners about the dangers of the Obama/Pelosi/Conway agenda.

On Friday, Dr. Paul visited with small business owners in Paducah to talk about how the Obama agenda is driving up their costs and preventing them from hiring new workers.  The businessmen and women were most concerned about Obamacare – the new health care law supported by Dr. Paul’s opponent – and how it is pushing up the costs of health care and limiting the choices available to them and their employees.

On Saturday, Dr. Paul greeted families in Ballard County as he walked in the Wickliffe Harvest Festival parade and spoke to the crowd gathered at the Festival about the high cost of the Obama cap and trade national energy tax and how the government is getting in the way of creating jobs.  Following the Festival, Dr. Paul returned to Paducah to speak to the McCracken County Republican Party’s brunch about the unsustainable debt being piled up by policies supported by Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Jack Conway and the Washington liberal elites..

That afternoon, Dr. Paul visited the annual St. John Picnic in Paducah, where he spoke with picnic attendees about his vision for reversing the harm done by the Obama/Pelosi/Conway policies.