“Political hopefuls turn gaze to west Kentucky”

Below is a report from WPSD-TV Paducah about the recent U.S. Senatorial debate.

PADUCAH – The mics have been checked, the podiums are in place and last minute preparations are under way at the Carson Center.

On Thursday morning, Rand Paul and Jack Conway will take center stage there to debate.

Lynn King will serve as the debate’s moderator and says she is glad to see the area getting attention.

“We have very important projects. We have come together as a region, made a list, and are interested to hear what commitments these men have for us in West Kentucky.”

The attention, Mark Wilson says, is long overdue, “It’s about time.”

Wilson is the Fancy Farm Picnic Chairman and he knows firsthand the importance of voters meeting candidates.

“They want them to show up, not just see them on the tube or hear them on the radio,” he said.

He said it is a smart move for Paul and Conway to head to western Kentucky.

The latest poll numbers show Paul up by as much as ten points.  But some political experts said the race is just too early to call.  Both men are pushing full steam ahead.

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