“Rand Paul and Ed Whitfield Tour Stops in Madisonville”

Below is an article from about Rand Paul’s visit to the area.

HOPKINS COUNTY, KY—Beginning at 3pm today, October 13th, both Congressman Ed Whitfield and US Senate candidate Dr. Rand Paul spoke at The Country Cupboard restaurant in Madisonville, KY as part of their 8 day “bus tour.”

With approximately 50 people in attendance—including State Senate candidate Jack Whitfield Jr., 3rd District Magistrate candidate Chris Toney, County Attorney Todd P’Pool, and State Representative candidate Ben Waide—the event allowed local citizens and supporters to hear both incumbent Congressman Whitfield and US Senate candidate Rand Paul speak on what they feel are major topics facing our state and nation.

Whitfield’s speech focused primarily on the status of the current job market and economy in the nation.

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