Rand Paul- Trump, great friends or loyal enemies?

Donald Trump wants to make America great again. Elected as the 45th president of the United States, the journey for Trump was never easy especially with the kind of competitors he had during elections from Republican Party.  One of those competitors was Rand Paul who is also the senator of Kentucky State.

While there are rumours that Rand is going to play an important part in the scheme of things of Donald Trump, Rand has already given indications that he will be pretty much vocal with what the new president chooses and every action the new president takes. Rand has already chosen his first target that too, the new secretary of state Rex Tillerson. He is against the decision of picking Rex since he knows Rex’s association with Russia. Rand wants to work with president elected Trump, but he wants to keep the new president on the toes with every decision that involves foreign policy and every promise that was made before 2016 presidential elections.

Rand Paul has always been sensitive when issues related to America’s foreign policy and nothing else can be expected from him even when his own party is in the rule. Rand had also raised issues of injustice and unemployed people. Now, since his own party is in the regime, he will expect president elected to resolve these on priority. Another issue that will be in Rand’s mind will be a flat tax rate of 14.5% for business and individuals.

While Trump has shown to be on a tough stance against terrorism and terrorist state, Rand has been mixed views on the war against terrorism.

Being a senator of a state, which is one of the most debts ridden in the United States, Rand Paul wants policies which could help him in fetching more jobs to his people and also the right kind of budget with which he could improve the condition of his people.

Whatever role Rand gets, it will be pretty much interesting to see if he will be the best friend or a loyal opponent.