The Kentucky State Fair is in full swing this week, and Rand Paul has more support in evidence than can be believed. There has been almost constant traffic at the booth for the past week, and thousands of “Rand fans” and bumper stickers have been distributed, along with hundreds of buttons, signs and tshirts. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before… even in the tens of thousands of people, you will frequently spot Rand Paul gear.

In fact, so many items were picked up by the public that three carloads of boxes and supplies had to be shipped in from the Bowling Green Headquarters (which reports say has been stripped clean of everything.) At this point, individuals and coordinators from other areas of the state are scrambling to meet the unexpected demand, though these smaller shipments hardly seem to be making a difference. One Republican official was heard exclaiming with astonishment that they’ve run out of materials all over the state.

And the Democrats? Despite being located in what should be Conway country, the costly, elaborate four-sided booth has had hardly any visitors – and certainly there is not evidence of Conway support in the crowd except for the workers themselves.

Despite the media deception on the CRA and ADA, TONS of those supposed to be negatively effected are actively seeking out Rand Paul gear and supporting him! It appears the enthusiastic Rand Paul volunteers are simply bypassing the media and taking their message directly to each voter… and with great effect.

Had I not seen it myself, and just listened to the media and the polls, I really could not have believed it. There is something BIG going on…. and the surging momentum is unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed.

Let’s keep running like we’re 10% behind and send shock-waves across the nation when we DESTROY the Establishment in spite of all their power and media control! Nothing like this has ever been done in recent history, and we’re all a part of making it happen! This is AMAZING!!!

-A Loyal Supporter