“Republican Senate candidate makes stop”

Below is an article from the Floyd County Times about Rand Paul’s visit to the area.

PRESTONSBURG – Republican U.S. Senate candidate Rand Paul made a quick stop in Prestonsburg on Tuesday as the divide between Paul and Democratic candidate Jack Conway continues to close in the polls.

Paul paid a visit to Billy Ray’s Restaurant, where he met with employees, customers and supporters, before dropping by the office of The Floyd County Times.

“We met everybody in the restaurant,” Paul said. “It always amazes me when I think people won’t know who I am, but most of them come up and greet me. I know the people of this area are perceived as being Democrats, but I think it is more important who you are instead of what party you belong to.”

Paul focused on his opposition to so-called “cap-and-trade” legislation during his stop in the area, and said that most people he spoke with agreed with him and were concerned about the future of the coal industry.

“Waitresses realize their jobs depend on mining coal,” Paul said. “Workers at Wal-Mart know how important coal is to their jobs.”

Paul also talked about the national debt and his proposal to create an amendment to the Constitution that would force Congress to balance the budget, and to also set term limits for members of Congress.

“People are concerned about how enormous the debt is,” Paul said. “A deficit that large could bankrupt our country. I think a lot of Democrats and Republicans are untrustworthy as far as balancing the budget.”

After the Prestonsburg stop, Paul and his campaign moved on to Paintsville before heading to Inez.

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