The “Right Time” to Raise Taxes: Where is Jack?

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – During tonight’s U.S. Senatorial debate at Northern Kentucky University, candidate Jack Conway once again repeated his flip-flop on the Bush-era tax cuts by stating that a recession is “not the right time to raise taxes.”

Just when is the “right time” to raise taxes on hard-working Kentuckians Jack?

Jack Conway was for the Bush tax cuts, before he was against them, before he was for them again. Since running for the office, Conway has changed his position on tax cuts several times. So much so, that even his liberal supporters are getting tired of his act.

His position NOW seems to be that there is a “Right Time” to raise taxes, just not now. One question that arises is: When IS the “Right Time” to raise taxes?

Rand Paul is against tax increases of any kind. Dr. Paul will never vote for any tax increase, and will fight against any proposal that includes a tax increase.